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About Yoga and Movement Privates

My approach to movement and yoga focuses on teaching the key principles of movement and how these principles translate to our everyday activities. It is extremely exciting to realize a new, more fluid experience of how to move our bodies in ways that offer greater ease and efficiency. In private one-to-one sessions we will explore these principles as we apply them to beginner level yoga poses, somatic movements and daily tasks. 

The work of Vanda Scaravelli and Marc Acquaviva has been the biggest influence on my yoga practice. This method has us look inside ourselves and pay attention to how we do what we do - how we move and how we rest - and has us look to our interior experience as the guide for our movements.

Key principles of this approach include:  finding support through the bones, creating space around the joints, establishing greater breathing capacity, getting to know and feel your spine and how to avoid using unnecessary muscular tension, which can cloud our inner vision and make our movements feel like a struggle. 

Touch is another component of this method. The act of touching will help you sense and feel the inside of your body, the inner you, more clearly. By placing your hand on an area, like the low back, you can learn how to feel your inner world when practicing alone or with a teacher. As the guide on this movement journey, I use gentle touch to offer you a felt sense that you can reference when we practice together. 

The ultimate goal of any movement practice is to make life easier - to feel more comfortable inside yourself, increase fitness levels and reduce pain. Consistant practice offers us more fliudity and ease when we go about our daily tasks as using our body becomes more effortless and we create less struggle for ourselves. Activities like getting in and out of bed, sitting on the floor and getting back up, using the stairs and carrying things all become easier to do. Finding that we feel more balanced allows us to avoid a nasty fall and we joyfully discover the possibility of better posture and a sense of grace. These are all wonderful benefits that help us maintain a capable life.  

Come and explore your movement potential and enjoy success in establishing a lifelong practice available to you anytime and any place! 

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