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What Clients Say

Having been in business for over 20 years, I have clients who have been with me for a long time.
       Here is what they have to say!  

"I have been relying on Jennifer since 1997 for myself and my sons. She is the best! When son Jerry was doing gymnastics, she helped salve the sore muscles and, between that and chiropractic, he stayed healthy through his years of competition. As for me, at first it was a treat, but now I rely on her to keep me moving! With all the time I spend on my feet for my job as a tour director, she can find what needs tweaking and help make it right. Constantly researching and learning, she is currently working towards adding yoga movement for clients who are interested."    – Cathie

"Words cannot express how grateful I am to Jennifer! I have been a client since 2006 and because of Jennifer and her knowledge of how the body works, I have received much pain relief over the years. She is well trained in many types of massage therapy. After a relaxing and invigorating massage, Jennifer sends me home with ways that I can help my body respond better to the daily challenges in life! I highly recommend Jennifer!"  -  Kris

"I’ve been receiving bodywork from Jen since she opened her practice.  
Her work has helped me through various life challenges – 2 car accidents, cancer treatment, pulled muscles and tension headaches. My body has benefitted greatly from her expert therapy. I also gain insight into how I am moving in ways that may not be best for me and Jen always has some helpful suggestions for me to explore at home. I highly recommend her skilled hands!" – Ric

"I have been going to Jennifer for many years and I have to say that if it wasn’t for her knowledge and expertise, and knowing how to address all of my aches and pains, I wouldn’t have been able to continue in the type of physical work that I have to perform in order to make a living. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for relief from those aches and pains along with having a relaxing experience. You won’t be disappointed!" – Paul

"I've been taking Jen's yoga and movement classes to address some weakness in my legs. 
I can get in and out of the car easier and can get up from the floor without my back getting upset!
I love learning this way of moving!" - June  

"Since I started seeing Jen for a chronic pain problem, I can sleep better and my pain has reduced significantly. 
Great stuff!" - Steve

"Why I go to Jennifer - I get personalized attention and tailored sessions that address whatever I have going on."
- Emily

"This is what I get out of regular massage therapy from Jen:
- less pain
- not so puffy in my body
- less sinus congestion
- did I say less pain?"
      - Katie

Various comments have been shared about the good feeling of better health folks have received from
consistant massage sessions:

"Sinuses cleared up
Sleep better
Haven’t gotten a cold in several years
She knows right where to go and where it hurts
I have less swelling in my body/legs/feet/face
She knows her stuff
I see her for Therapy…although I am relaxed when I leave
I can have 2 or 3 days without pain after a session – great relief
Weekend sports injury recovered quicker
Jen cares a lot about her clients
I have sent all my friends to Jen
She listens to all of my concerns about my pain
I’m in a better mood
I have less feelings of depression
She’s always learning about techniques and looking into current research
I take less pain meds since working with Jennifer
Regular massage helps me manage my stress  – worth every penny!
I would rather spend a few bucks on a massage than take a pill or have a drink
It’s better for me to manage my stress by getting massages than to spend money on distractions ... which can sometimes just bring more stress!"



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